We work with yearbook workshop event directors across the country to bring the best online workhop experience to you and your participants

Yearbookable began life in 2006 as YRBKREG.com.

YRBKREG.com was started to help busy summer workshop directors spend less time managing their workshop and more time enjoying their summer breaks.

Founded by a former high-school yearbook editor, sales associate for a national yearbook publish company, event director and experienced workshop technology and photography instructor, Yearbookble is built by people who understand the business of yearbooks and yearbook summer workshops.

Pica, point, ladder diagram and endsheet are part of our vocabulary!

Today Yearbookable is the ONLY online event management system specifically tailored to the needs of people who host yearbook-related events AND those who attended them.

Yearbookable focuses on the needs of workshop directors, staff and sales reps and workshop adviser, student and chaperone participants.

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